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We sell unique child safe product designs protected by our innovative 3 way child safe patent. Have a product in need of child safety, talk to us!
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Child safety is big business. Sales volume is expected to double in growth to 45 Billion US from 2023- 2031. We are looking for companies and individuals interested in selling child safe products.

The Call For Child Safety

Our revolutionary patented Child Safe products are the perfect solution to help prevent accidental ingestion of drugs. We have a 3-step process of pinch, push, and removing while twisting the lid so it’s easy for adults to use but challenging for small children to open.

Our proprietary mechanism provides security to a product category that barely exists today. The added security with our patented process provides peace of mind for parents and caretakers. Our products are vital additions to every household. Manufactured with durable, high quality and recyclable materials, the product is designed to be re-used and is made to last.

The Presidential proclamation of National Child Safety Week illuminates the need for more products that can fulfill the mission of keeping kids safe. Our products are excellent additions to any product line that targets consumers of household goods and the industrial sectors.

How our patented child safe design works

Pinch the Tabs

The user pinches both tabs located on the top lid inwardly, this releases the innovative deadbolt style mechanism which is the primary lock. Once the deadbolt is retracted, the secondary lock is deactivated which is the static peg.

Push the Tabs Down

In order to release the static peg, while the top tabs are pushed inward, the user must push down and compress the semi pliable seal downward in order to allow the static peg to slide beneath the locking geometry on the interior walls of the container.

Twist & Pull

While still pinching and pushing downward the user must then twist the top. After the lid is twisted out of position, then the lid or top can be removed to open.


  • Child-Safe: Provides peace of mind for parents and caregivers by preventing accidental ingestion of substances by young children.

  • A Higher Level: More challenging for young children to open than the current child resistant, two way child resistant package.

  • Seniors & Individuals: Easy to operate for older adults or individuals who may be physically challenged.

  • Patented 3-Step Process: Unique and adaptable to many products in a wide range of industries.


  • A well-made product which utilizes medical grade materials. Our products are re-useable, recyclable, UV resistant, PABA free, food safe and recyclable.

  • Reduces potential liability risks for manufacturers and consumer goods companies.

  • A great addition to a consumer product line targeting practically every household.

  • Designed with safety in mind and profitability as the goal.


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