Purchase the rights to use our patents for child safe products.

The child safe company’s mission is to safeguard children from accidental exposure or ingestion of harmful substances. In addition to products that safeguard drugs, alcohol, and household chemicals we have a child safe sytem that also helps protect children from accidents and injuries. Our innovative patented products are designed to be ready for manufacture giving you a great opportunity in the growing child safe industry.


The Child Safety Initiative

Accidental ingestion of cannabis and other harmful substances in the home is increasing. As the legalization of drugs expands nationally the need to safeguard children is greater than ever. Our patented 3 step process offers a higher level of safety than the 2 step processes currently in the marketplace. Our system is easier for adults of all physical capabilities and age to open yet requires a level of cognition that defies a young child’s mind. Our hope is that parents utilize our products to safeguard their children from common mishaps that can occur when harmful products are not properly safeguarded. We strive to design innovative products that help fulfil our mission of keeping kids safe.



The Child Safe Company has the means and ability to create specific custom shaped packaging designs at the manufacturing level. Our referral team offers injection molding. Different colors, company logos and overlays are available.

We are offering a Child Safe System which will allow you to produce, manufacture and deliver customized child safe products. Our system will help you deliver various products made from recycled plastics, soft goods, leather, and different metals.

We welcome interested parties to contact us to see how we can work together. 


Our team is here to assist

The Child Safe Company has a referal team of professionals who can guide you with a road map to take your products to market The team will assist you through the process, global outsourcing, inspection and delivery to help you achieve production.

Our Creative Team

The team is focused on delivering innovative child safe opportunities to companies and individuals who want to purchase the rights to manufacture our product designs and help bring child safe products to market.

Mark Lubow
National Sales Manager
Paul Molive
Graphic Designer
Frank Smith
Project Manager
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